[mythtv] Re: window managers

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Tue Feb 18 11:43:19 EST 2003

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 09:25:57PM -0500, Andy Davidoff wrote:

> I hope I'm not rehashing old material, but I noticed the "window managers"
> thread in the archives.  I'm a long-time fan of Ion:
> 	http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~tuomov/ion/
> This is a very lightweight window manager which offers a revolutionary
> approach to the desktop (or lack thereof!) and which may be perfect for
> the space-efficiency/full-screen requirements of MythTV.  As a bonus, it
> also eliminates the need for a pointing device, so it may be a critical
> ingredient in making multiple-window/workspace setups usable via remote.
> I encourage everyone to take a look at Ion for use outside of MythTV, too.

The last time I looked at ion, it did not have full-screen support (the
title bar was always present, which is very annoying in this application).
Have you actually tried it with mythtv?

Any window manager is usable without a mouse given a few key bindings for
switching windows (I do this everywhere).

 - mdz

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