[mythtv] how can I help?

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Feb 17 23:31:47 EST 2003

I don't mean to suggest that the existing documentation isn't good. ;-)

It does seem to me that there is a considerable about of sage knowledge
in the mail archives that hasn't made it into the HOWTO.  I'm talking
about little tweaks to the video/audio drivers and not just the many
hints about Myth itself.

Have you considered something like a Wiki, where others can quickly
contribute these tidbits so the (as was pointed out) thankless job is
made the responsibility of all developers?

I'll send you any FAQs I notice while reading the archives...

Thanks for your work thus far,

#if Robert Kulagowski /* Feb 17, 21:05 */
> Well, I maintain the documentation.  See the HOWTO for the current
> state.  If you have something to contribute to the docs, my email
> address is in there.
> Thanks, Bob
#endif /* rkulagowski at thrupoint.net */

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