[mythtv] Re:Problem changing channels .. (solution & suggestion)

James Sleeman bitsy_boffin at cyberdude.com
Tue Feb 18 15:58:22 EST 2003

source wrote:

>If you try hardcoding a value for this in Channel::Channel() ie the name field 
>from table channel corrosponding to your default channel number and recompile 
>it should be ok. If this works for you as well I will look into supplying a 
I'll try it later tonight.  I'm just wondering why others are not 
experiencing the same problem.

>So does tv_grab_nz break often? I'm supposed to be moving to NZ later this 
>year but no MythTV would flyify the ointment.
I don't know, I was using my own tv_grab_nz I wrote in perl but then my 
HD crashed and I lost all that - hence why I'm getting myth setup again 
(although CVS now instead of 0.7), when I was using my own it didn't 
seem to break at all (I was using it for a couple months).

Anyway, don't let that stop you moving to NZ, a better place you could 
not find, course I might be biased a little bit :-)  Where abouts in the 
country are you heading to ?

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