[mythtv] MythRemoteLineEdit and setting Geometry

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Mon Feb 17 18:55:31 EST 2003

Isaac (et. al.),

	As promised, the widget for keypad/remote-control text entry has arrived. Not 
terribly sophisticated at this point, but useable (once you get the hang of 
it). It's a UI challenge to try and do all this using only ten keys. 

	One *major* kludge: It's setting it's internal geometry based on how much 
horizontal space it got and the size of the current font (for the vertical). 
It's still a bit of mystery to me how themedmenu.cpp sets geometry, as I 
can't seem to find any calls that do it ...   And yet it works ... very odd.

	I'll look further, of course, but if anyone has a 2 second explanation, that 
might save me some time. Thanks.

- thor

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