[mythtv] satellite decoder serial port

Nanna haX0r nannahax0r at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 18 10:45:44 EST 2003

I've seen this subject touched on in prior posts.
Basically I want to know if it's possible to control my SKY TV (New Zealand 
Satellite provider) set top box via its serial port.
Days of googling and such have returned ideas, but nothing model specific or 
The STB itself is a Motorola DTH325, and it has a standard rs-232 9 pin 
connector on the back that I can only assume is a serial port of some sort.
The control of the decoder via this serial port would be a godsend.
If anyone, maybe specifically in New Zealand, has any information that would 
help it would be greatly appreciated.  Any other suggestions too are 
appreciated.  What I'm after is a complete idea, how to make a cable to 
interface, the sort of software I'll need to make a shell script or 
something to control it.

Thanks in advance,

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