[mythtv] Test (crude) patch for commercial skipping

Robert Kulagowski rkulagowski at thrupoint.net
Mon Feb 17 08:51:02 EST 2003

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> Attached is a crude patch to help skip commercials.  It uses 
> a little of Robert Kulagowski's code in
> NuppelVideoPlayer::FindCommercial() in NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp and
> adds functionality.

Hi, Chris.  Thanks for working on the code.  When I originally made
the commit, I thought I'd have a lot more time to work on stuff like
this, but a 2 month old baby radically changes how much time you
think you're going to have.

Erik, commercials here in the United States on free to air channels
usually follow a particular pattern.  The broadcasters fade to
black/no sound for a few seconds after each segment before starting
the commercials.  Each commercial will fade to black as well, so that
gives a gap between advertisements.  The length of gap varies.

My other ideas for the code was:
  o  Run the detector as a background task, and write a cutlist file.
 This way, you can use the "jump" function to jump from commercial to
commercial. If it guesses wrong, no harm - just jump to the next
point.  Manually REW during viewing if needed.
  o  See whether the audio amplitude during a fade to black is lower
than the amplitude of a dark scene within the program.  Classic
example is on The Simpsons when all you see is floating eyeballs
during a night or bedroom scene.

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