[mythtv] Test (crude) patch for commercial skipping

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Feb 17 09:03:26 EST 2003

I'm thinking there might be several methods of detection and that the
user could pick between them in the setup screen based upon their needs.

I was just searching on Google for ways to detect commercials and
saw a post mentioning this white rectangle you're talking about so that's
a possiblity as well.

> > Is there any other way to detect commercials?
> > 
> Sometimes I see a white rectangle flashing in the top right corner
> about 30 seconds before the beginning of a commercial "break", it flashes
> until the beginning of the (lame, retarded, extremely louder) ads.
> For auto-detection of ads you could have the code watch for
> that rectangle, and after a few seconds (~20 if I'm right that it
> starts flashing 30 seconds before the beginning of the ads) start a
> higher-sensitivity mode of your detection code.
> Pete


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