[mythtv] Is this a problem???

Derrick Swinarsky dswinarsky at attbi.com
Mon Feb 17 07:04:43 EST 2003

I am not sure if this should count as a problem or not but...

I have just downloaded the CVS version of mythtv, compiled everything and it now seems that I cannot start anything without the "couldn't open db" error.  When I create the ~/.mythtv directory and put in ALL the files from /usr/local/share/mythtv it works without a hitch.  I was wondering why this is the case?  Has something changed recently in CVS?

Also, I am not getting any audio through mythtv.  If I unmute the line I can audio, but otherwise I get nothing.  Again, has something changed recently in CVS that could be screwing my up?

If there is anything you would like from me to help fix these problems would be much appreciated!


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