[mythtv] Starting recording BEFORE start-time

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 17 09:50:53 EST 2003

At 17-2-03 00:44, Dave wrote:
>I know there's the setting to record for x seconds after the end of a
>programme, but is there a way (or could it be introduced) to also
>record x seconds BEFORE the start of a programme?  A couple of channels
>here in the UK persistantly start programmes early (CNX being the worst
>culprit, with almost all shows in their comedy strand starting 2
>minutes early, all evening, every day).  On top of this, it can up to
>30 seconds for my digi-box to power-up and switch to the right channel
>(via the external channel-change command).

This one is on my long-time todo list, but if somebody else wants to:
I'd like MythTV to have a default global underrun/overrun, and an optional 
override of those values on a channel basis, and recording times for 
individual recordings correctable. If underrun/schedule conflicts the 
schedule should take over, if overrun/underrun conflicts it should divided 
between the two.

It seems the US live on a very strict 30 minute scheme thanx to the immense 
pressure of commercial adverts, but like in the UK in Europer everywhere 
things are not that strict, and especially the strictness depends very much 
on the origin of the station (both nationality and public versus commercial)


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