[mythtv] Re:Problem changing channels .. (solution & suggestion)

James Sleeman bitsy_boffin at cyberdude.com
Mon Feb 17 12:51:20 EST 2003

source wrote:

>Can you detail what else you tried, I have the same problem but I find that 
>when I use the program guide to change channel, I can change channels ok 
>until mythbackend is restarted.
I wish I knew because the problem has come back and is driving me 
freakin nuts trying to figure it out !  I am positive everything is 
setup correctly it just doesn't want to work properly.  Add to that the 
fact that tv_grab_nz has stopped working (and my own nz grabber was lost 
in my great HD crash) and it seems the gods are conspiring against me :-(

If I can figure it out (I had a brief look at the source last night but 
I seemed to be chasing my tail around, source comments might be nice 
people :-)) looking for places where I could possibly add some debugging 
output let alone where the problem might lie) I'll post a solution to 
the list.

Likewise, let me & list know if you figure it out please :-)

James Sleeman

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