[mythtv] tabs & spaces, etc.

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Sun Feb 16 01:21:01 EST 2003

> Don't mix tabs and spaces in the same source files, please

	My joerc is now updated   :-)

> and there's no need to mark every change with a 3-4 line comment.

	yeah ... I was just doing that in certain places to make grep'ing back to 
things I wasn't quite sure about at the time easier. I'll try and make sure 
they disappear before any future commits.

> Default to Synaesthesia, since it's nicer =)

	Don't know if you saw in MythTV-users, but within a few hours someone had a 
compile problem with "no GL.h" ... so the default behaviour (ie. if you don't 
run ./configure) is now fft and no OpenGL.

- thor

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