[mythtv] IR repeater

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 15 17:38:04 EST 2003

Yes, head over to www.lirc.org
I use a digital terrestrial box, AND a digital cable box, daisychained
into one cardinput, together with a home-brew IR transmitter, and some
cunning scripting (called by the external channel change command) to
favour the DTT box over the cable box when a channel is available on
both, allowing me to watch something else on the cable box.  Works a
charm :)  

You can set the extenal channel change command in the setup program
without having to dig in the database.  Run ./setup/setup from wherever
you unpacked/built Myth.


 --- "Michael J. Sherman" <msherman at dsbox.com> wrote: > 
> Has anyone successfully built/bought an IR repeater that will allow
> Myth 
> to change channels on a satellite box?  I only am using Composite in
> on 
> my tuner card, with the actual channel selection happening at the
> Dish 
> Network box.
> Also, I noticed in the cardinput table in the mythconverg DB has a
> field 
> for 'externalcommand'.  Is this where the support for external
> channel 
> changing commands is/will be?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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