[mythtv] Always executing "External Channel Change"

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 15 17:25:51 EST 2003


Am I right in thinking that is Myth thinks it's currently on channel
"X" that it won't re-exexute the external channel change command if it
then has to record channel X ?

I had a case the other day when a recording captured the wrong channel.
 I checked logs and worked out that the external command hadn't been
sent, presumably because it already thought it was on it, whereas
actually something(/someone) had changed my DTT box in the time between
the recordings.

I tried to dig in the code and work out how to ALWAYS execute the
external channel change command, regardless of what channel Myth thinks
it currently is on, but even that simple task proved too hard for me.

Is there any reason why Myth shouldn't always execute the command?
...and if not, can I request this behaviour be added.


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