[mythtv] my old problem again: mythfilldatabase ;-)

Daniel Paessler daniel at paessler.org
Fri Feb 14 17:30:21 EST 2003


ok, i'm back with a new computer and see, there has changed a lot
since my last tries with mythtv ;-)
so far...my problem is still the same: filling my database...
i use the german grabber tv_grab_de for getting a file and put
it in /tmp/tv.xml. so far so good...now i run 
mythfilldatabase --xawchannels to get my channels into the database,
because mythfilldatabase skips all channels if it doesn't know them...
looking into the database, i can see my channels. good!
the problem is the format of my tv.xml file. the channel information
has the following format channel="name" and some of the names contain
whitespaces, as for example channel="RTL 2" and here's my problem.
mythfilldatabase only fetches the first part of that name and so i get
a conflict with channel="RTL" and the database is not filled correctly.
any possibilities to solve this?

thanks in advance


email: daniel at paessler.org / phone: +49 3722 83884
fax: +49 89 244365117     / web: www.paessler.org

The software package said 'Requires Windows 95 or better',
so I installed Linux  ;-)

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