[mythtv] Problem changing channels .. (solution & suggestion)

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Fri Feb 14 13:24:29 EST 2003

At 14-2-03 12:46, James Sleeman wrote:
>just a note on that last one, the --help for mythfilldatabase regarding 
>--file doesn't make it clear that the sourceid should be the primary key 
>of the videosource record in the database, wouldn't it be better to just 
>take the name of the videosource (in my case "NZTV") as the end user 
>shouldn't need to know the PK).

I agree with the help, but the --file is just a kludge to be able to have a 
low-level access to the database while still going through the normal 
mythfill database processing. It is not meant for endusers and should be 
replace with general non-hardcoded grabber support before mythtv 1.0.

>Oh yes, one more teensy weensy suggestion.  As I understand it, the myth 
>programs use the QT mysql plugin to communicate with the database, correct 
>(ignore me if I'm not), wouldn't it be better, for at least the backend, 
>not to - as the backend shouldn't theoretically even need X let alone QT, 
>should it ?

QT doesn't mean X. Nobody ever wanted the backend to use X, not ever since 
the frontend/backend split was initiated.
Suggestion (teensy weensy?) in return: read the archives for details about 
future daemonizing of the backend... ;-)


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