[mythtv] Problem changing channels .. (solution & suggestion)

James Sleeman bitsy_boffin at cyberdude.com
Fri Feb 14 11:46:00 EST 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Wednesday 12 February 2003 07:47 am, James Sleeman wrote:
>Really sounds like you don't have the input on the tuner card you're using 
>mapped to a channel source (the 4th section of setup).
I was gonna ask for more help, but while I was writing this I stumbled 
on the problem, so this is how I solved it and some notes about how the 
problem could be better handled/prevented by myth.

I scrubbed the DB and started again

> mysql -u root <database/mc.sql
> setup/setup
> tv_grab_nz --output /tmp/TV.xml
> mythfilldatabase --manual --file 1 -1 /tmp/TV.xml

just a note on that last one, the --help for mythfilldatabase regarding 
--file doesn't make it clear that the sourceid should be the primary key 
of the videosource record in the database, wouldn't it be better to just 
take the name of the videosource (in my case "NZTV") as the end user 
shouldn't need to know the PK).

Anyway so everything was setup correctly, as far as I could tell 
anyway,  but when I was watching live TV I  still could not change 
channels, nor did it seem to know what channel was current, while the 
program guide showed the weeks worth of programming for all channels no 

So I was pasting in the output from

select * from capturecard; select * from videosource; select * from cardinput; select * from channel;

to see if anybody could see anything wrong. I noticed a flag called 
"shareable" in the cardinput table, and that it was set to 'N',

| cardinputid | cardid | sourceid | inputname  | externalcommand | preference | shareable |
|           1 |      1 |        1 | Television |                 |       NULL | N         |

I took a wild guess and changed the flag for this record to 'Y' and 
whaddya know, it works.

There are three things I'd like to note about this..  I don't recall 
anything in setup/setup asking me wether to set this shareable flag or 
not.  Secondly, myth gives no indication when the shareable flag is 'N' 
and you try and change channels that you cannot change channels because 
the channel isn't being shared (?).  Finally, when this flag is 'N', and 
you press "i" while watching live tv, myth tells you nothing about what 
you are watching, likewise when you hit "m", myth doesn't "focus" to the 
correct program.

Oh yes, one more teensy weensy suggestion.  As I understand it, the myth 
programs use the QT mysql plugin to communicate with the database, 
correct (ignore me if I'm not), wouldn't it be better, for at least the 
backend, not to - as the backend shouldn't theoretically even need X let 
alone QT, should it ?

James Sleeman

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