[mythtv] CC testing

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Fri Feb 14 11:57:38 EST 2003

At 14-2-03 11:39, Drew Whittle wrote:
>I'm not in the USA, I'm in New Zealand (PAL) and I figured that the Euro
>stuff would work here, so I tried to get subtitles going but I couldn't
>seem to get anything.

>We have our subtitles on a different page (801) so I changed that in the
OK for now. Future versions will scan all available subtitle-marked pages 
and let you choose between them.

>Is the PAL stuff fully working the CVS version?
Is consistant, I have more but not needed for basic functionality.
English BBC is my testchannel (nearly 100% subtitles, all news live 
subtitled so a big heap of testing input :-)

>Do I need to do anything else to get it up an running? (It works fine with 
That's the first check.
Did you set the myth setup to pal-teletext?
Did you set the myth setup vbidevice?
Did you set the myth setup vbifont?
Did you run the sql conversion routines to 0.8 to add the vbi columns into 
your database? Verify with mysql/mysqlcc if the setup doesn't 'stick'.

In mythtv the console of the backend should say it opened your vbi device 
when you start live TV.

Can you program or read source? Download AleVT's source and see if new 
Zeeland is any different from England.
Try in myth: debug (or printf) the following places: doVbiThread() You 
could try triggering if a page is detected, or if the _correct_ page is 

 > If I am jumping the gun then just tell me to shuddup and wait ;>
Absolutely not, glad someone takes a peek, but this is myth-dev and not 
myth-users so start debugging ;-)
Keep me posted...


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