[mythtv] Re:Right edge of screen cut off

mythtv at thetechguide.com mythtv at thetechguide.com
Wed Feb 12 04:51:17 EST 2003

Ugh.  This just isn't my day.  Well that wasn't the problem, I guess if you
specify the device, xawtv disables xv support, as typing xawtv -c
/dev/v4l/video0 does the same thing as xawtv -noxv.  So now I'm leaning towards
it being an xv problem.  I tried with freevo for the hell of it, same thing there.

So maybe it is a problem with xv not writing to that part of the screen?  Anyone
have this problem with a G400 dualhead, using the tv-out, with Mandrake 9.0? 
How was it fixed?  If it can't be fixed, should I look at installing a different
distro, or a different video

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