[mythtv] Re:Right edge of screen cut off

John Danner johndanner at untzuntz.com
Tue Feb 11 14:19:58 EST 2003

You are probably using the matrox framebuffer support, for that you need to 
use fbset ... search the mailing list archives for info about it.

Otherwise you can try my settings:

# Resize fb output to fit tv better
fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -upper 83 -lower 40 -left 46 -right 2 -hslen 46 -vslen -
23 -depth 16 -laced false -bcast true

# Brightness, Contrast, Etc.
/usr/local/bin/matrox 0x1e 0xc0
/usr/local/bin/matrox 0x20 0xaf
/usr/local/bin/matrox 0x22 0x88


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> I have already tried the overscan and displacement settings...it 
> makes changes to the picture, but the same amount is always cut off 
> on the right hand side.
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