[mythtv] CVS Revisions?

John Chambers-Malewig johncm at rcn.com
Mon Feb 10 13:14:54 EST 2003

Though I understand the importance of weeding out the bugs in
the 0.8 code, I have downloaded and installed the code for 0.7
using the only the tar.gz files.  After all the hoops of the
required packages and updating the NVIDIA drivers for my card,
I have a nice working myth TV running on my workstation. I
LOVE it!

Barring the recent problems with xmltv's tv_grab_na, I am
happy with the install for now, but have seen some neat
enhancments to both mythmusic and mythweb that I would like to

What is the status of 0.7?  Is it forever frozen?

The recent change I saw for mythweb says that the changes are
for 0.7... of what? mythweb? mythtv?

How can I get just the CVS code for the last stable release?

I have seen revision info on other CVSWEB sites but do not see
revision levels for mythtv.  Can someone help me with a CVS
option to get 0.7 out of CVS?


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