[mythtv] FW: [Xmltv-devel] xmltv 0.5.7 released

Robert Kulagowski rkulagowski at thrupoint.net
Mon Feb 10 12:14:21 EST 2003

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Seems to fix the latest and worsest zap2it issues.

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> Subject: [Xmltv-devel] xmltv 0.5.7 released
> Release 0.5.7 has been posted, the following changes been 
> incorporated:
> A new utility tv_to_text, which generates a plain text summary of
> listings similar to tv_to_latex for latex, has been added.
> Some minor installation problems (in Makefile.PL) have been solved.
> Tv_check now offers producing dates in the form of DDMM instead of
> MMDD as well as some improved documentation. The tv_grab_na grabber
> has gone through a number of changes to workaround new zap2it.com
> format changes (see tv_grab_na BUGS section) and prototypes new
> warnings about release update availabilites. tv_grab_uk continues
> to keep up with channel id/availablily changes at Ananova. The
> xmltv.exe wrapper code now checks setting the --share option for
> tv_grab_uk and tv_grab_uk_rt.
> Get the files from Sourceforge at
>    <http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=39046>.
> The xmltv team would like to thank the xmltv-devel list for some
> great bug reports and support, along with the user communities of 
> freeguide-tv
> and mythtv. I'd like to personally thank Stephen Bain for helping
> with keeping up with format changes on the tv_grab_na side.
> I expect the windows executable to follow - thanks Robert.
> Jerry Veldhuis
> xmltv developer
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