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Thu Feb 6 10:52:41 EST 2003


I'm not sure how attachements work on this list so please shout if nothing comes through.

I've done some enhancements to MythWeb and some knock-on stuff for mythtv:

1) Added an "epg" table to the database to allow user selectable ordering of channels
2) upgraded the name field as it wasn't long enough and made chanid auto increment
3) Added a "setup" menu option that allows (currently for UK) all channels to be imported from xmltv and then picked for inclusion in the epg
4) auto detection of no database and auto creation of the database
5) auto detection of no access to the database and saving of database access parameters.

Hopefully this properly detected an existing installation and upgrades it without trashing anything.

I don't do the right thing with the videosource table yet but it should work with existing installs OK

I upgraded tv_grab_uk to allow channel extraction.

I upgraded mythfilldatabase with extra options to use the sql database rather than the config directory so everything is now synched.

I upgraded mythepg to detect the presence of the new table and use it if it is there.

I'll try and write some docs but please let me know what you think.

patch is relative to 0.7 release.


julian dot cable at virgin dot net

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