[mythtv] NES support for mythgame

Todd Malsbary malsbat at comcast.net
Sun Feb 9 12:22:48 EST 2003

I tried to send this out yesterday, but I had some object files in my zip by
accident and it got rejected because of size, so here it is again.

Here's a patch for NES support against mythgame in CVS.  I don't know enough
about CVS to get it to include my additional files, so those are in the
on their own (cvs diff -uN didn't do what I wanted it to).
Here's a quick summary of the changes:

* Added handler for NES.  I've only tested it with FCEUltra 0.81.  The
format of the command to start games is "NesBinary 'romname'", so feel free
to try it with the emulator of your choice.  It will identify ROMs from the
CRC and try to match that against the data I scraped from The Internet NES
database (http://dod.hpi.net/ivgdb).  It's a little spotty in some cases
since I match the name from the GoodNES CRC table to the name in the INDB,
and that isn't always an exact match.  Ideally, the GoodNES CRC table would
have some metadata in it, but until someone fills that out, this scheme
works ok.
* Listview nodes now filled in on demand.  Filling them in at startup caused
a long delay for me with NES titles between selecting "Games" and seeing the
* Changed check for ROMs at startup to handle multiple emulators.  It now
checks for the presence of ROMs in the database from each of the registered
* If no screenshot exists for a ROM, display the gamename instead of "X".

I've also got the matching screenshots in a tar.gz, but that's 2.5MB, and I
don't have any space to host it on, so if there's someone who could do that,
that would be great.

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