[mythtv] mythmusic - encoding while ripping

Lonnie Hutchinson chinacat at chinacat.org
Sun Feb 9 07:02:08 EST 2003

I am working on a patch to mythmusic to do the encoding at the same time
as ripping, rather than ripping to a temporary file, then encoding to
the final file. I have yet to think of any drawbacks, so if there are
any please bring them to my attention. The benefits to this are listed

As it is now, ripping a track takes very little CPU, but the encoding
pegs the CPU. By interleaving ripping and encoding the CPU cycles for
encoding can be spread out over the time it takes to rip the track,
which may help alleviate the pegging of the CPU. If the encoder that is
being used takes as long or longer than the time to rip the CPU will
still be pegged.

Another advantage is there is no need for temporary space since there is
no temporary file.

I don't have any metrics on whether or not it is faster, that isn't my
main goal. I just want ripping/encoding to be as friendly to the system
as possible in case a recording is being done at the same time. That
said, it "feels" faster.

Lonnie Hutchinson

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