[mythtv] mythweather

Christian Hack christianh at pdd.edmi.com.au
Sun Feb 9 18:14:09 EST 2003

Hi John (or anyone else working on mythweather),

Nice addon for mythtv you've written in mythweather.

I'm getting an unknown weather type of 53. According to the msnbc page
that should be thunderstorms (T-Storms on the page). The area code is
ASXX0016 for Brisbane, Australia. Apparently it's forecast for the next
3 days so if you are kinda quick you might be able to see it yourself.

I'm also getting some strangeness in that the tomorrow's forecast page
is saying saturday when it's actually sunday now. My clock is definitely
right. Today (sunday) the 3 day forecast shows sunday, monday and
tuesday. Should it show monday, tuesday, wednesday instead? It's as if
the 3 day forecast is a day behind and the tomorrow's forecast is 1 day

After looking at the MSNBC page, it's the one that's behind it would
seem. At sunday 6pm my time, it shows saturday, sunday, monday and
tuesday in the 4 day forecast. Given we are 15 hours ahead of the east
coast of the US, I can see where the problem is coming from

If there's any more info you need, let me know. I'm not sure how fixable
this is though.


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