[mythtv] MythMusic patch to have onscreen tree mirror directory tree.

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Feb 8 17:16:16 EST 2003

On Saturday 08 February 2003 03:35 pm, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> The attached patch modified MythMusic to allow the user to setup MythMusic
> to show the online music tree in the same structure as the actual
> directory tree.  I have added a possible keyword "directory" to the
> TreeLevels variable in mythmusic-settings.txt.  If TreeLevels is set to
> "directory" (minus the quotes of course), then MythMusic will create the
> onscreen tree as a mirror of the directory tree on disk.  It does this by
> parsing the filenames as they are read from the database.  The code is
> only run if the user sets TreeLevels=directory, and only affects
> databasebox.cpp.  Included patch modified mythmusic/databasebox.cpp and
> mythmusic/mythmusic-settings.txt (to add a comment about the new
> 'directory' option as well as correct something in the Ignore_ID3
> comments).
> The patch works independently of the Ignore_ID3 option currently in CVS.
> This make it nicer for people who have laid out their music in a directory
> structure they like rather than forcing them into a structure based upon
> the normal genre/artist/album/title format variations.

Looks good, I'll see about getting it committed tonightish.


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