[mythtv] seg fault

Ian Truelsen ian at ihtruelsen.dyndns.org
Sat Feb 8 12:15:34 EST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 12:20:21 -0500
Isaac Richards <ijr at po.cwru.edu> wrote:

> On Saturday 08 February 2003 12:01 pm, Ian Truelsen wrote:
> > ERROR opening file '/mnt/store/ringbuf.nuv' in ThreadedFileWriter.
> Is the problem.
> > I am running an AMD Athlon 1700 XP with 512 MB ram, an ATI TV-Wonder
> > capture card that works flawlessly with xawtv and a Voodoo3 3000 AGP
> > card. I have mysql v. 3.23.54a and qt v. 3.1.0. I am trying to get
> > mythtv 0.7 working.
> >
> > Also, I am not sure what the error is regarding the /mnt/store
> > directory above, as I changed this in the settings.txt file.
> If it's saying '/mnt/store/ringbuf.nuv', you quite obviously didn't.
Here is the contents of my settings.txt file. Where else do I need to
change it?

# XMLTV grabber to use
str XMLTVGrab=tv_grab_na

# Live TV options
# Size of the buffer for watching live tv, in GB
int BufferSize=5
# The amount of space to fill the buffer up before forcing an unpause,
# in MB Basically, the minimum amount of free space that the buffer will
# allow before forcing an unpause.
int MaxBufferFill=50
# The desired path + name of the live tv buffer
str BufferName=/home/ian/video/ringbuf.nuv
# Path to store recordings in
str RecordFilePrefix=/home/ian/video

# Record settings
# Video settings
# Resolution to capture at
int Width=480
int Height=480
# What codec to use?  Tested values are rtjpeg (the default) and mpeg4
str Codec=mpeg4
# I normally use 640x480 with the mpeg4 codec and the below settings.
# RTjpeg specific settings
# Quality level to capture at (higher better, 255 being best)
int Quality=170
# Motion Levels (lower better, 0 being best)
int LumaFilter=0
int ChromaFilter=0
# MPEG4 specific settings
# Desired bitrate, in bits/second.  2200 means about a gigabyte an hour.
int TargetBitrate=2000
# Scale bitrate by frame size.  If this is set to 1, the target bitrate
# given above will be used as a guideline for 640x480.  Other
# resolutions will scale the target bitrate down according to the
# framesize.
int ScaleBitrate=1
# Maximum quality level.  1 is best, 31 is worst
int MaxQuality=2
# Minimum quality level.  1 is best, 31 is worst
int MinQuality=15
# Maximum quality difference between frames.
int QualDiff=3
# Audio settings
# dsp device -- output only
str AudioDevice=/dev/dsp
# Audio Sample Rate: one of 32000, 44100, 48000
int AudioSampleRate=32000
# Turn off the audio compression? 1 for yes, 0 for no.  Compression
# saves 500 megabytes an hour, but takes extra CPU time.
int DontCompressAudio=0
# Quality level for the MP3 compression (0 best - 9 worst)
int MP3Quality=7
# Length of time to record past the end of a show, in seconds
int RecordOverTime=0

# Playback options
# Deinterlace playback (1 for on, 0 for no) -- adds to CPU usage
int Deinterlace=1
# How long to skip forward on a fast forward?
int FastForwardAmount=30
# How long to skip backwards on a rewind?
int RewindAmount=5
# Are seeks exact, down to the video frame?
int ExactSeeking=0
# Are the fast forward and rewind keys sticky (auto-repeat after letting
# go)?(set FastForwardAmount and RewindAmount to 1 for good behavior if
# this is on)
int StickyKeys=0
# How long should the OSD stay up for in seconds?
int OSDDisplayTime=3
# Theme to use for the OSD, if 'none' or otherwise doesn't exist, the
# normal ugly OSD will be used instead.
str OSDTheme=defaultosd
# Path to the TTF used in the OSD. 
str OSDFont=FreeSans.ttf
#str OSDFont=/usr/share/fonts/truetype/Arial.ttf
# Channel ordering.  How to choose the next channel when using the
# up/down keys on the remote.
# Possible values are: channum, chanid, callsign
# channum is the default, channel 4 follows channel 3
# chanid sorts according to the internal database order
# callsign sorts according to the channel's callsign, like TVLAN, TWC,
str ChannelOrdering=channum + 0

# TV options
str TVFormat=NTSC
str FreqTable=canada-cable

# Picture-in-picture options
int PIPBufferSize=1
int PIPMaxBufferFill=50
str PIPBufferName=/home/ian/video/ringbuf2.nuv

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