[mythtv] need a tv card

Eli Criffield myth at zendo.net
Fri Feb 7 09:17:04 EST 2003


I know theres lots of questions about which video cards tv-out works best
and what video card to get so I'll tell you about what i did.

I could only get my ati rage128 card tv-out to work in framebuffer mode
which doesn't work for mythtv (no xv support). So i started searching for a
better video card.

Reading Monty's suggestion of getting a Nvidia GeForce2 with a Conexant
bt869 chip on it i found this card on the web for 28 bucks.


My total was 33.47 including shipping and i got the card 4 days after i
ordered it, your mileage my vary.

Redhat 7.2's xconfigure setup the card right the first time, and with nvtv
the tv-out is fully configurable.

so if your looking for a video card w/tv-out that one will work


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