[mythtv] RemoteEncoder connection fails, be/fe questions

Erland Lewin erl at voxi.com
Thu Feb 6 12:16:35 EST 2003

I want to get MythTV to work well on a 450 MHz machine with a G400-TV card.

I got the 0.7 release to work, but it was too slow. So I'm now trying to
get the cvs version to work so that I'll be able to use hardware MJPEG
coding /decoding and so that I might contribute to the code.

The problem I have now is that the mythtv program exits in
libmythtv/remoteEncoder.cpp, because it fails to connect to the remote
encoder (in method openControlSocket). The front end initially connects
to the back end though (I get a printout from the back end confirming
the connection). Can anyone give me any tips to track down the problem?
Is the remote encoder a task performed by the backend, or is it a
separate server?

I have some more questions (feel free to point me to TFM if it has answers):

-What is the division of tasks between the frontend and the backend?
-Is the backend/frontend division used even when everything is run on
one machine?
-Is the MJPEG coding used in the ring buffer(s), if selected?

Thanks for any tips!

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