[mythtv] Behavior of two tuner card setup

Michael D. Cencula mythtvuser at cencula.com
Thu Feb 6 04:07:07 EST 2003

I've got two tuners in my myth box.  When I'm watching live tv and a scheduled 
recording is about to begin, it prompts me to exit live tv, watch as it's 
recording, or skip the recording.  I get this prompt even if the other tuner 
is idle.  It would be nice if myth would realize I'm using one tuner for 
watching live tv and automatically use the other one to record.

Currently, I have to exit the live tv mode, wait for the recording to start, 
and then go back into watching live tv at which point it will be using both 
tuner cards.  Unfortunately, if I had paused my live tv, the buffer contents 
are now gone. :-(


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