[mythtv] BT869, which cards?

George Blaha george at blahafamily.com
Wed Feb 5 22:24:01 EST 2003

     I am a somewhat experienced linux user (debian mostly) but
completely new to MythTV.  I've read and searched the archive of this
mailing list extensively in order to put together a good MythTV system.
My last big decision is which video card to buy.  I have been convinced by
a number of previous posts that I should look for a card with a BT869
tv-out chipset since it seems to give people good results.  I have decided
that I will go for an nvidia geforce2 board (or maybe geforce4 if the
price is good), but I know that the tv-out chipset can vary  depending on
the board manufacturer.  My question is: which brands of nvidia geforce2/4
boards are known to have a BT869 tv-out on them (or the equivalent
Conexant tv-out chipset)?  I've looked at
http://tvtool.info/go.htm?http://tvtool.info/english/tabelle_e.htm, which
has some cards listed.  I am probably going to order from mwave
(www.mwave.com), so if somebody knows of a card listed at
http://direct.mwave.com/mwave/DeptVID.hmx that has a BT869, would you
please let me know?
     By the way, these are the components I plan to buy to complete the
system - if anyone sees a "red flag", please let me know.

ASUS A7V8X/A/L Mainboard
256MB PC2700 DDR RAM (Kingston)
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Avermedia TV Stereo
MWAVE CI-7106 Desktop Case
Undetermined 350W power supply


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