[mythtv] XBox - MythTV

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Wed Feb 5 20:30:33 EST 2003

usenet at wingert.org wrote:
> My main concern is power consumption.  PCs are fairly expensive to run
> for me with 5 TVs to support.  Especially if they run 24/7.  Linux
> has gotten better in APM, but its still not great.  This is the one
> blessing of the TiVo, it consumes about 1/3 of the power of my PC, but
> then again, look at the processor (its a tradeoff).

But you still have to power the Backend.  With your setup, you have an 
Xbox running 24/7 and a high powered Backend system running 24/7. My 
setup only has one system running 24/7.


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