[mythtv] Crash on missing icon

Chris Lack ixion at linuxpusher.com
Wed Feb 5 18:47:53 EST 2003

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 05:50 pm, Bruce Markey wrote:
> While others are off discussing how they might use their spare
> Commodore 64 to rip DVD's for their wives church group ;-),
> I'm seeing a SEGVs if there isn't a channel icon file that
> matches the path stored in the database. This shouldn't
> happen but it did so their probably needs to be one more
> check to be sure the file can be loaded or was successfully
> loaded.
> This happens for both local and remote frontends. It appears
> that if the file isn't found locally it will try to get it
> remotely. I was thinking of adding a QUERY_CHECKFILE before
> trying to get the remote image but I doubt this is the most
> elegant solution.
> To reproduce, either modify an 'icon' value in the channel
> table or move aside a channel icon file (for both frontend
> and backend if separate machines) then restart myth so that
> it isn't cached. Go to Schedule a Recording and scroll to
> select to the channel with the missing icon.
> --  bjm

Did you see that groovy new 20mhz C64 machine discussed on /. the other day?  
Why, I bet if a 50mhz tivo can encode/decode/wash dishes a 20mhz C64 can too!

Anyway, I'm seeing this too since last night.

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