[mythtv] Hardware requirements confusion

Fredrik Nyberg DC nba at abo.fi
Thu Feb 6 00:55:54 EST 2003

What audio driver are you using? I seem to be having the "Can't open 
audio device: /dev/dsp"-problem, eventhough ALSA is working. Perhaps not 
in duplex? All I get is a black (well, navy-blue ;)) screen.

Merle Reine wrote:

> I have installed the latest CVS on a Epia M9000 and it runs fine.  The 
> epia-6000 runs slow though.  Of course, my dual processor plus raid 
> system at home works even better but for the price, the Epia is worth 
> it in my humble opinion.
> On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 10:19, Micah Morton wrote:
>>/A while back I bookmarked a site that somebody linked on here.  A site
>>with a hardware database of mythtv/freevo users. Most of the systems were
>>under 1ghz and a LOT of them were 450's and around there.. A while back
>>somebody said that the EPIA 933mhz M9000 motherboard would be
>>insufficient.. but how is a 450 sufficient and a 933 not?  I know the C3
>>is a lesser processor by far, but it does have kernel support and can't be
>>THAT much slower to where a 933 is slower than a PII 450.  There are a LOT
>>of under 1ghz machines out there for cheap! (800mhz would be ideal for
>>cost) and it would be nice to be able to use a 800mhz box.
>>For example. In my lab here at Intel, an engineer brought in a Compaq
>>Deskpro EN for testing. Its small, vcr-sized case would make a perfect
>>candidate for this project. This one runs around 550mhz, however some of
>>them are 800mhz (and a 1ghz model for a lot more money).. On ebay, I've
>>seen the 800mhz model as low as 120bucks with only several hours
>>remaining.  These boxes would make nice set-top boxes.. I'm just concerned
>>about performance.
>>Thanks in advance for any information!
>>--Micah Morton
>>--Linux Network Test Engineer
>>--Intel Corp
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