[mythtv] XBox (or PS2) - MythTV

Dave Ball daveb at ball-home.co.uk
Wed Feb 5 22:19:11 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 21:00, Jason Ramey wrote:
> Well, from what I have read of the PS2 distro, they encourage people to develop 
> games for that platform. The catch being, you can only write games that will 
> work on other PS2 Linux systems. Other than that, you have full access to the 
> hardware.

Not quite - you get full access to the GS & EE, but access to the DVD
drive etc is through a piece of proprietry software which has gpl'd
modules to access it.  The whole kit is useless without that propritry
code (which runs on a seperate I/O processor - name escapes me) and that
software prevents you having direct access to the DVD drive and various
other bits - including preventing you reading game discs & DVD's (iirc) 
I believe this is so sony can prevent us evul hackers finding out how to
make bootable dvd's . . . 

I actually think the PS2 would be a bit of a pig for a mythfrontend - it
only has 32M ram, and running anything in X is S L O W.  I haven't tried
any QT stuff, but my bet is it's more hassle than it's worth - and you
won't be able to use it for DVD's or burning shows to disc (two things I
want to do with my mythbox)

It might be more practical with a mythfront end using SDL & frame buffer
instead of QT & X - but that would probably mean effectively starting
mythfrontend again from scratch - which i guess won't be happening
anytime soon  :o)

Dave Ball <daveb at ball-home.co.uk>

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