[mythtv] Add-on ideas?

Jens Lohmann-Hansen JensLH at adslhome.dk
Wed Feb 5 21:58:19 EST 2003

I have a related idea that should be a real seller to the wife (high WAF -
wife acceptance factor).

Build a high-tech baby-alarm. Motion detection and sound detection in one.
Once the baby cries, you'll see and hear it on the TV. If you happen to have
the camera and a microphone, the cost of a working baby alarm is spared.

As a bonus, the wife is off in a wiff, and the TV is yours (including the
remote) for a couple of minutes :-)


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> I have been trying to think of some good ideas for add-ons/modules.  The
> that I would like to do would be a Motion Detection Module.  I have a
> cheap security camera hooked up to look at my front door.  I would like a
> module for MythTV that could us it.  I see two scenarios that would be
> useful.
> 1) If I am watching MythTV, have my second capture card monitoring my
> camera, and warning me if someone comes to the front door.  With the
> to quickly show what's happening. (I could ignore the doorbell, if it
> someone I knew)
> 2) Whilst not watching/taping, having mythtv notifying
> and motion at my front door.  This method would also work fine for people
> who only have one capture card.
> Does anyone else think this would be worthwhile?  If so I may start doing
> some research and coding.
> Cheers
> Peter
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