[mythtv] mythweb bug

Mike Wohlgemuth mjw at woogie.net
Wed Feb 5 12:55:43 EST 2003

I'm running MythTV from CVS that I checked out yesterday, and I've 
noticed a bug in MythWEB.  Lately, zap2it has been having some technical 
problem that leave holes in the listings that tv_grab_na generates.  The 
problem is that these holes are causing problems with the listings in 
MythWEB.  For instance, if there is a hole in the schedule so MythTV 
doesn't have any programming info between 8 and 9 PM on a given station, 
MythWEB will not see to notice, but will display the shows starting at 9 
PM in the 8 PM time slot.  It still knows the proper time for the show, 
and will display it if you select the show, so the only problem seems to 
be in the listings display.

When I get a chance I will try to look at the code to see what is going 
on, but I'm not a php programmer, so I figure some who already 
understands the code would have a better shot at fixing quickly.  If you 
would like to see a demonstration of the problem, drop me a line and I 
can give you access to my MythWEB interface.


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