[mythtv] Success - Was: Re:No video with Wintv Pro card

Matthew Brichacek mmbrich at ldl.fc.hp.com
Wed Feb 5 09:52:38 EST 2003

So can this old AIW be used as a second capture interface with the gatos
km drivers?


On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 09:26, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 February 2003 11:16 am, Matthew Brichacek wrote:
> > After finally getting alsa set up and all the sound stuff working, I
> > started getting "Cannot find Xv support, exiting" and xvinfo didn't show
> > my card.  The only way I was able to get xvinfo to notice the WinTV card
> > was to insert an old ATI AIW card in also, then they would both show up
> > and Myth would work.
> >
> > Has anyone ever seen this?  Why wouldn't the WinTV card be showing up in
> > xvinfo until the AIW was inserted.
> Xv is for output (at least that's only how mythtv uses it), and the WinTV card 
> doesn't do output.
> Isaac
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