[mythtv] backend plus frontend (success!!!)

Greg.Froese at Federated.CA Greg.Froese at Federated.CA
Wed Feb 5 09:40:53 EST 2003


Yes, my backend machine contains all the shows i've recorded and
these are watchable from both the main mythbox as well as the frontend
only box.

I'm assuming images/music etc would work the same, only got this
all going last night and had zero time to play with other features.  Not 
about that though, have to check it out tonight.


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Thanks for the information.  Does this mean that you now have a central
"library" of media (recorded shows, pics, and music), accessible via
mythfrontend running on either machine?

I've currently got Myth running on a desktop (modest PIII-600, records
480x360, MPEG4 with the default settings, except I tweaked the bitrate to
about 1GB/hr), and I'm considering building a box (perhaps the XBox
frontend mentioned in another thread) once 8.0 is ready for primetime.
(Maybe one of these days, I'll grow a set, and try a pull from CVS.)
Anyway, I was thinking this would be a great added feature, as my house 
a single TV, and often my wife and I have differing opinions about what
channel should be shown on said TV.


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