[mythtv] Re: Crazy Thoughts + RF Remote Ideas

Charles Choukalos choukalos at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 07:32:08 EST 2003


XBOX Modding... Geesh... you've got a lot of time on
your hand.  Seriously though the XBOX rocks for
Halo/Ghost Recon/MechWarrior... just way too much fun.
 But then again I'm not a PC gamer.  I'm too busy to
spend much time on various computer projects. 
However, if you're looking for cheap mythtv
platform... why not look at used pc's.  You can find
some super cheap computers at imploaded small
co's/startups.  I bought my dual 550mhz piii server
for $50!  I picked up 2 gigs of ECC ram for it for
another $100, and a pair of 60 gig IDE drives for $50.
 Pretty dirt cheap if you ask me.  I also got some
avermedia tv card that blows chunks thrown in from
some where else.  But seriously I can do 320x240 (and
on a tv its quite acceptable) of mpeg4, while still
serving web pages, music, and running compile jobs
(just rember to nice your processes).  I've got my
server up in a closet, and am working on using an RF
remote to control it (works like a champ).  Basically
you need an RF modulator (Stereo at Radioshack $30),
Low pass filter [optional, depends upon your cable tv
setup] ~$40 through OnQue (or about $10 if you build
your own passive filter), and a Coax Combiner (about
$10) and hook it into your tv wiring.  Then tune for
say channel 94 or something like that.  Pretty slick. 

However, my problem is that I had to upgrade to RH8.0
to get MythMusic working.  But now I can't get
Mythfrontend to talk to mythbackend.  I changed the
backendsettings.txt file, opened up the ports on my
fire wall and restarted ipchains.  But its still not
working?!  Any ideas?  Do I have to list the ports in
/etc/services ?  What am I missing (my box is named
mediaserver , but localhost should also point to it)?!

Also, I used to have an X10 mouse remote... however,
it meet an unpleasant fate.  So now, I'm looking at my
other collection of RF remotes (X10 mp3anywhere remote
-> an no, it doesn't work with the mouseremote.pl
stuff, and an ATI AIW RF remote).  Anyone manage to
get one of those remotes to work with Myth?  Pointers


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