[mythtv] Recording 3 Channels Simultaneously - System SpecsWanted

Robert Kulagowski rkulagowski at thrupoint.net
Wed Feb 5 09:28:52 EST 2003

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>Right now MythTV only supports PCI TV cards.

Not exactly true.  MythTV should support any card that has a decent
V4L implementation, be it PCI, USB, FireWire, etc.

>A lot of CPU power would be needed

Yes, it would require a lot of CPU power if you're capturing hi-res
with high quality.

"I don't think the code is in mythtv for it"

Should be taken care of in CVS.

>and audio would also be problematic.

Audio would be problematic if you either 1)  don't have enough slots
for all the sound cards you're going to need or 2)  your TV Tuner
doesn't support btaudio.  If it does, you can pull audio right off
the tuner without patching it to a soundcard.

Once Isaac finishes the outstanding work he's been doing in CVS, you
will be able to have multiple backends and frontends.  At that point
you don't need a "supercomputer"; you can distribute the tuner cards
into multiple boxes.

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