[mythtv] Potential Set-up

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Wed Feb 5 10:24:12 EST 2003

Wayne Johnson wrote:

>Hello Micah,
>      Well in the past few years things have gotten better but wd in
>the 2-30gb range the rma rate was prolly 3 out of every 5. mine and
>customers of mine. most who bought the drive on there own ;). but I've
>been putting maxtors in alot lately and only had one go bad but that
>was back when the 30gb maxtor was the top dog. I've rma'd about 65 wd
>drives total but I'm just a part time "local computer guru" for a
>small town (~1000 people).
>Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 1:37:13 AM, you wrote:
>MM> Indeed.. I am only stating my opinion of personal experiences.. So, I
>MM> apologize if it looked like a flame-statement. :) What, in your opinion
>MM> would be the highest RMA'd/failure prone drive you've seen?
>MM> --Micah Morton
>MM> --Linux Network Test Engineer
>MM> --Intel Corp
Just to kick in my $.02  I have owned and used thought work and other 
about 100 Drives.  No real problems with IBM drives but they were all 
laptop drives so that could make the difference.  Never Had a maxtor 
fail me.  One 2Gig drive has been in use since 96(?) it is still 
working.  I had 1 Segate fail but that was after 3 Years of Use.  I have 
lots of failures with WD drives most right at 6 Months of use.  The only 
drive I will not buy right now is the WD drivers as All of the WD drive 
I have used failed in less then 1 Year of use.

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