[mythtv] backend plus frontend (success!!!)

Greg.Froese at Federated.CA Greg.Froese at Federated.CA
Wed Feb 5 09:08:36 EST 2003

I can try.

- for both machines
        - running RH8.0.
        - followed the great docs on www.mythtv.org for getting myth 
running on both machines.
        - updated mysql and glibc to most recent versions to allow remote 
mysql access on a RH8.0 machine.  There are other ways to do this, but I 
simply used the rpms from freshrpms.net to upgrade.
        - be sure to be running the same version of cvs on both machines

- for frontend machine
        - changed the IP address from "localhost" to my backend IP address 
in MC/programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp before compiling the frontend machine
        - changed mysql.txt hostname value to backend IP
        - had to turn off deinterlacing in the setup section for Playback 
due to my PII lacking the sse flag in /proc/cpuinfo (more info in the 

- for backend machine
        - changed backend_settings.txt ServerIP to the backend's IP 
address (not localhost)
        - added mythtv@<FRONTEND_IP> user access to mysql
        - make sure the mysql ports are open and accessable from 

I think that is about it.  Let me know if I missed something

"Brent" <brent at biglinux.tccw.wku.edu>
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Any possibilty that you could list all the stuff that you did to get it
working correctly?


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> i'd just like to report that i am now running mythfrontend 
> successfully 
> from a separate machine from mythbackend and it works great!! 
> my frontend is a PII 400MHz box and it runs about 50% when 
> watching live 
> tv over the network using mpeg4 compression with a 3300 bitrate.
> thanks to everybody on the list for their help
> and a big thanks to Isaac and the other developers for their fabulous 
> work.
> gf

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