[mythtv] Crazy Question?

usenet at wingert.org usenet at wingert.org
Wed Feb 5 07:05:37 EST 2003

  Sorry Mom.

> > There is a Linux USB MPEG2 capture device driver that has incomplete driver 
> > support.
> There are various Linux hardware video compression devices available, at
> the moment mythtv only supports the PCI mjpeg cards.

  MythTV is just software under the V4L framework.

  Essentially the backend would be 
  Wait for some scheduled time then "cat /dev/usb/lp0 > showshow.mpg"

  and the frontend would be
  "mplayer showshow.mpg"

  Couldn't get easier.

  This is, however, if the guy at http://pvrusb.sourceforge.net/ ever 
  added tuner control to the driver.

  IMHO, a cheap hardware MPEG2 encoder with Linux support is what is
  keeping Linux boxes from SMASHING ReplayTV/TiVo and whatever else
  comes along.  This leads the way for very low end (and very quiet)
  machines to be PVRs.

  Maybe, I'll contact the author to see if I can help.

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