[mythtv] MythGame SIGSEGV backtrace

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Feb 5 09:21:27 EST 2003

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 04:24 pm, DanM wrote:
> Here is the back trace for MythGame CVS (Checked out 03-Feb-2003).  The
> SegFault occurs when I try to run mythgame standalone.  I tried it this
> way because I couldn't get it to run inside of mythfrontend.
> This is the last backtrace I could get before the Seg Fault as I step'd
> through mythgame.
> If I didn't do things the right way, please please let me know and Iwill
> try to do things the right way!

Here's what you need to do to debug things properly.

Edit settings.pro in the top level of the mythgame source to enable debug 
mode, and disable release mode.  Do a make clean, then rebuild things.  Make 
sure that there isn't a line in the makefile to strip the binary on install.  
If you're patient, do the same to your checkout of the MC dir, since that 
will make a debug version of libmyth.

Run mythgame in gdb, like you are now.  Just let it run, and segfault.

After it segfaults, generate a backtrace with 'bt full' at the prompt.

That _should_ give enough information to see what's wrong.


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