[mythtv] Lini-In Volume

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Feb 5 01:31:47 EST 2003

Well, that didn't survive the tirp through email ;-) but
I see the first 8 items from the alsamixer; Master, 3D Contr,
PCM, Synth, Line, Line-In, CD, and Mic. I have ALSA on
about five different cards here and "Capture" is usually
8 to 12 items to the right of CD and Mic. Press the right
arrow key to scroll to the items to the right. For each
of the cards I checked, "Capture" comes after "Aux" and
just before "Mix". This control sets the level for recording
(Analog to Digital Conversion) and is probably 0 right now.
The volume of the Line-in item only affects the level of the
analog sound patched from line-in to line-out and has no
impact on ADC or DAC.

--  bjm

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