[mythtv] Potential Set-up

Wayne Johnson bigman1 at alltel.net
Wed Feb 5 01:27:47 EST 2003

Hello Micah,
      I guess it depends on user experiences but I've been using wd
and maxtor drives for years and I have to say that I've had to rma
more drives than you can shake a stick at while only having one
maxtor go out on me

its late forgive the lack of punctuation
Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 1:20:19 AM, you wrote:

MM> Also, Maxtor hdd's are a waste of RPM's. :)  I have never had a Maxtor HDD
MM> that didn't fail. Go for IBM or WD for cheap/fast storage.

Best regards,
 Wayne                            mailto:bigman1 at alltel.net

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