[mythtv] A case that caught my eye

Chris Lack ixion at linuxpusher.com
Tue Feb 4 23:38:33 EST 2003

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 08:00 pm, Robert Dege wrote:
> Marvel G200 works fine with the SK41G model.  It uses the VIA Chipset
> instead of the nforce2.  The 1.5V requirement is on ALL nforce2 boards,
> not just the shuttle.  Probably for AGP 8x compatibility.

I'm pretty sure 4X cards use 1.5V as well, though I think the specification 
allows for either 3.3 or 1.5 at that bus setting.  The problem is with 
motherboards which explicitly do not support AGP 2X.

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