[mythtv] A case that caught my eye

Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Feb 4 21:00:59 EST 2003

> HOWEVER, there is one warning I can pass on that I have learned the hard way.
> I can't speak for older models, but the two newest Shuttles, have 1.5v only
> agp slots.  The G200 will NOT WORK with these.  So you're SOL in that regards.
> Well at least I am. :)  I'm still trying to figure out a replacement for the
> G200.

Marvel G200 works fine with the SK41G model.  It uses the VIA Chipset
instead of the nforce2.  The 1.5V requirement is on ALL nforce2 boards,
not just the shuttle.  Probably for AGP 8x compatibility.


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