[mythtv] A case that caught my eye

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Tue Feb 4 17:42:54 EST 2003

> According to this thread:
> http://forum.matrox.com/mgaforum/Forum15/HTML/000024.html
> SOME of the G400s will work.  I've been unable to find one though, yet alone
> for a reasonable price. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.  Obviously I'm
> trying to go the MJPEG route.  I've got an old Iomega Buz here that I'm going
> to start testing with. 

I got a Leadtek Winfast TV 2000 XP Deluxe (stereo, and one of the cheapest here:
100$CDN) for TV input - the tuning quality is good (not great, there are some
very faint stripes on some channels, but the regular TV's here do have them too
- must be some bad reception/splitting).

For Tv-Out, I got a GF2 MX400 with Tv-Out (65$CDN - less than the non-tv-out
version ;).

It was very cheap, and works well for me. My CPU is a Celeron 1100A (256k L2
cache - not the older crap), with 512 megs of ram, and a 20 Gigs hard disk, I
can record 480x480 fine, never tried going higher. IMHO, with that kind of
processing power, you don't even need hardware MJPEG, and will get great


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